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ім. проф. О.С.Коломійченка НАМН України” – Державна установа “Інститут отоларингології ім. проф. О.С. Коломійченка Національної академії медичних наук України

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An important and most informative stage of patient examination is laboratory diagnostics. Research allows detecting pathological changes at the cellular and molecular levels.

Some disorders can often be identified even before the appearance of symptoms that cause concern to the patient and lead them to see a doctor (for example, an increase in glucose concentration threatening the development of diabetes or an increase in cholesterol leading to the onset of atherosclerosis, etc.).

The goal of the laboratory’s work is to provide the population with accessible modern clinical laboratory diagnostics, as high-quality laboratory diagnostics is the key to early disease detection and effective treatment, which ultimately reflects positively on the patient’s recovery.

Laboratory diagnostics is an integral part of any medical-diagnostic process.

We offer you high-quality laboratory diagnostics. We guarantee high accuracy of the analysis results.

At all stages of research, we use high-tech automatic analyzers and test systems from leading global manufacturers. For diagnostics, reagents, control materials, and test systems that meet international standards and have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are used.

We offer the following studies:
  • Hormonal panel
  • Tumor markers
  • Infectious research
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Glucose, carbohydrate metabolism metabolites
  • Autoimmune disease diagnostics
  • Complex studies, etc.
Please check with the administrator for the full list of analyses.
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