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Mobile X-ray at the enterprise
X-ray examination is recommended to be done once a year. Mandatory X-ray screening is carried out for people who, due to their official duties, frequently contact others, such as teachers and healthcare workers, service industry employees, etc.

X-ray screening is conducted to detect life-threatening diseases, and it also reveals the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.

X-ray helps detect tuberculosis and lung cancer at an early stage, which often proceed asymptomatically. Early stages of lung tuberculosis are not dangerous to others, but if the disease is advanced, everyone around the patient is at risk.

Some people may not even suspect that they have tuberculosis. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, persistent cough, weight loss, and general weakness may begin to manifest at later stages of the disease, making it difficult to help the person.

Undergoing X-ray screening is an important preventive measure.

Indications for unscheduled X-ray may include the following symptoms (must be referred by the treating physician):

  • Prolonged cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weight loss
  • General weakness

* We recommend X-ray screening for people who smoke regularly.

Our company will provide the installation of a mobile X-ray cabin on your enterprise premises.

Digital X-ray operates with minimal radiation exposure. After the examination, a qualified radiologist will provide a description of the research results.

The mobile medical team “Medoglyad+” operates throughout Ukraine.
We can examine up to 100 employees per day.

Working with us, you save the company’s money and receive quality medical care.

Contact us, we are happy to cooperate with you.

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We work to help people stay healthy
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